Thursday, March 1, 2012

Forgiveness Grows Hope ~

Praying for a family.
A family hanging on to their family, by a thread.
Hanging on because, what else?
Hurtful words used for so long to each other,
 it's all they know.
How to undo it?

Pride enters in,
It's pride that prevents one from saying I'm sorry,
forgive me, help me.
Each wanting nothing more than to be loved and feel loved.
You go first.......
It doesn't happen.
They continue to exist without love.

Poor choices,
led to a life without.
heat, water, toiletries,
to be clean and warm.
To hope for work,
when work comes, 
the hope for food to provide the energy.
 Self esteem,
what little their was of that to begin with.

What must it be like,
to realize years later, a change is needed.
To just want the basics to,
What we should all be satisfied with,
the basics.

What is it tomorrow will bring.
Without hope, only fear.
So down, they see no escape.
Tomorrow will bring more of today.
 Exist another day.

Ever so down you can't even take that first small step?

The road of a 
life different,
so far from sight.
With thoughts of, 
will I last that long?
I've barely the energy for this day.
Do I want to???

They know they have put themselves here,
due to
poor choices
How now do they start new?
What if....
 where they are, has become all they know?

It all feels too big,
too big for them. 
The weight of it, too great to carry another day....

Where is hope.?
They have to cry.....
I have no hope.
I wish I had hope.
I just need some hope!
please just direct me to some hope! 

Help me with the first steps.
  I need someone, teach me, direct me.
Encourage me.
Help me believe in me again,
if I ever did...
They say it's never to late to start again.....

Does anybody hear me????
Regardless of their past,
 irresponsibility, poor choices, whatever the reason ...
Do we look the other way?
Can we forgive years of poor choices?
Do you hear them calling for help and ignore?
So hopeless that they often have no words to call out? 
Their silent screams of wanting something more.
Of wanting, life. 

Everything in such a mess,
to much to know where to begin.
Help needed so badly, the kind of help that will allow 
them to believe they are worthy of,
 yet another start.
To believe they can live better.....
How many times do we provide them assistance to start new ? 
How many times do we forgive past mistakes and irresponsibility in order to help?
Are we the one to decide they've had enough chances?

What if God gave up on you?
How many times do we forgive their poor choices and help them.
How about, 70 X 7 
"Then Peter Came To Him And Said, "Lord, 
How Often Shall My Brother Sin Against Me, 
And I Forgive Him? Up To Seven Times?

Jesus Said To Him, "I Do Not Say To You, Up To Seven Times, But Up To Seventy Times Seven."
Matthew 18:21-22

490 times
enough times that you just lose count? 
 The Bible teaches us forgiveness.

If God himself can  forgive murders and thieves, 
certainly he would help them to see
 they are capable to learn responsibility
 and forgive them their poor choices?
Even 70 x7 times........
He has sent us to share His love, through us, with others...
that is often done best without words,
rather with action. 

Certainly he would never leave or forsake them.
Can we?
This unnamed family,
please pray for them.
Pray they find their hope.
Pray that others be put in their path
 sense their hopelessness,
and tell them,
tell them what God can do.
Pray that they call out to God,
and choose Him to be their Savior.
It is in Him they will find their hope.
It is in Him they will find their peace.
It is in Him they will feel love again...
...and then they too,
they, can learn to love again.....

Their are many families such as this unnamed family, 
they are all around us. 
Not all landed where they are because of poor choices...

Regardless, I ask...
Does anybody hear them? 

This is what echos from my heart today........


  1. This was hard for me to read! I have a child who will be 42 this year and is so lost....but he's not seeking forgiveness....he's so entrenched in his lifestyle that I'm not sure he even knows what's right anymore. Every now and then I see a glimpse of my child, but sadly less often each passing year. I will never stop praying and living on that Hope that comes from the Savior. But it's hard....oh, so hard!

    Praying this family is helped!

  2. My heart hurts so deeply for so many who are in the midst of the pain of unforgiveness, in all of it's various ugly colors. Families like the one you shared feel the total hopelessness of it all. At Bible Study this week, we talked about the devastation of "unforgiveness". God's Grace and Mercy are the only answers...loving and reaching out to others with the same grace and mercy that God reached out to us with. I pray with you. I am thankful for your caring, compassionate heart.