Friday, August 6, 2010

Wrapping Up the 2010 Road Trip....

I slacked off on blogging towards the end of our trip.  I chose instead to spend every waking moment enjoying my time with our great friends Scott and Tammy, knowing those moments would be mentally recorded for a future "story".

Tammy and I spent a couple days shopping (she is a bad influence...this was determined as fact).  We shared so many laughs and along the way realized more than ever how much alike we are.  The fact that possibly having to ship home some of my purchases just about came to be, however the memories made were greater than the sardine packed vehicle when we left!

To wrap up our time with them we all took a trip about three hours up the road to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Are you ready....we went through the Eisenhower Tunnel at last!

Scott had earned points for his Marriott stays and graciously shared them with us.  They shared with us at dinner that they would be staying Saturday night as well and that they also got us a room for Sunday night!  The 6 week old Marriott was really beautiful and our room was on the third floor with an awesome view.

Once checked in to our rooms we headed to downtown Glenwood Springs for, well a little more shopping.  If I bought really small items they could be squeezed in to a gap here and there. As we entered town I spotted a "Saloon" called Doc Holliday's Tavern.

I knew I had to get some photos of the signage out front and I knew we would have to check out this establishment.  My youngest sister Donna's husband Ralph Holiday was often called Doc Holiday by many.  I loved my brother in law so much as a person and the fact he made my sister so happy.  I was blessed to have known him as he was one of a kind.  I was with him along with my sister and a few other family members when he took his last breath.  I wanted to share this with my sister....and somehow taking note of it and yep, having a few beers inside in honor of my friend  Doc (Ralph) felt right!

We spent a couple hours there laughing and talking about our time thus far spent together. Bob and I bought T-shirts.....for proof we were really there..... We eventually headed back to the hotel to shower and change for dinner.  Dinner was at the very popular Juicy Lucy's, a steak house.  The meal was incredibly good, the wine was perfect and the company excellent!

We left Juicy Lucy's feeling full and happy.....we might as well see what Doc Holliday's Tavern looks like at night right?

We found a booth and continued the evening totally enjoying ourselves until late into the night, back in our cab for the ride back to our Marriott.

The next morning we all awoke wondering how we ever stayed up so late all those years ago?  We were used to 10:00 bedtimes....four exhausted adults managed to make it out to breakfast.  It was our last couple of hours with Tami and Scott.  Again with the laughs and talk of getting together real soon.
We said our good byes which are not easy with these two people that we love so much.....we so miss being neighbors!

Bob and I now a twosome for the first time in almost a month headed to the spa.  First stop was down to the vapor caves, and I do mean caves.  Dark and hot, a natural giant stay down there in the dark was approximately 15 minutes, that maybe an exaggeration, but it felt like longer!

From there we had a 30 minute private mineral bath complete with candle light and music. At our 30 minute limit we were led to our 80 minute full body massage(s).  Needless to say, I found myself falling asleep several times...when I inquired I was advised this was fairly typical.  Couldn't have had anything to do with our previous nights late bedtime......

From our massage we parted ways.  Bob returned down to the vapor caves, I up two flights of stairs to my very first facial.  Nothing quite like it, I could get used to this!  Again a few times startled myself awake, again told it was fairly normal....  :-) I'm going with that..

We left the spa feeling great.....but knew it was going to be an early night.  In the morning we would continue our drive to St. George Utah.  When in St. George we stay at La Quinta Inn and Suites...very nice rooms indeed.  We had a pizza delivered and called it a night.

Excited to know as we left St. George the following morning, we were close to home.  We planned on stopping by our daughter Jackie's to spend some much needed time with her and her husband and the grandkids!!!
We brought little souvenirs for each (the shopping wasn't all for me)...and took some photos.

For Gavin we brought, brown bear slippers from West Yellowstone.  These aren't just your average bear slipper.  A little push of a tab on the slipper and you hear the sound of a BIG brown bear!

Our little Aubrie now sports some frog slippers, and yes, they too have a tab to push which allows ribiting (sp) to be heard as she hops around the house :-)

Our big girl Julia we brought a little silver necklace with a heart attached.  I saw this little heart necklace and thought...she was the first Grandchild and she indeed caused my heart to overflow at first sight.
It seemed just right at the time....then I had brief concern she may be disappointed that she too didn't receive some little slippers that made a noise.

When she opened the jewelry box and saw her necklace, her eyes lit up, opened wide and said "Oh, Grandma I love it!" Uggh....there went my heart again....she is indeed growing up.....

So, four hours later we said our good byes to our much loved CA Grandchildren;

One little brown bear........

One happy little frog giggling as she hopped right by us........

One grown up little girl.... sporting her grown up necklace, doing her homework without being asked :-)

It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to ending a month long road trip.

Dorthy said it best, "There's no place like home"........

Love those ruby slippers!

Special thanks to my driver, traveling companion, husband and best friend Bob....I love you to bits!

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  1. Welcome home! So thankful you shared your trip with us. To me, it sounded like so much fun. Each aspect of the trip was well planned and most of all included laughter and good times with friends and family. I like how you took little gifts along home for your grandchildren. I do that too. And, I also liked the sweet tribute you shared about your husband at the end of this post. It says alot about someone, if you say things like that after spending weeks travelling with them. I will think of you each time I eat at our Dr. Holiday's Restaurant:)

    I certainly enjoyed this trip.