Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Time Such as This.....

Last Thursday my Son  brought my Mom over for a family dinner...It became evident by the end of the evening she was suffering and in a lot of pain caused by her sciatic nerve which is creating problems in her leg, hip and back.  She stayed with us that night and has been here since.  It was clear she was having enough difficulty getting around that she shouldn't be alone.

I'm at a place in life where I'm fully aware that, life is short. It's been two years without my Dad and it hasn't gotten any easier.  I want to make the best of this time my Mom is with me.  I want it to not only be the best for me so that I can always have these moments, but, I want it to be the best for her.  Even in the midst of the pain she is currently suffering, I want her to see that she can experience joy in the midst of it all. I want her to be proud of how I care for her, I want her to feel loved and not alone.

I try and put myself in her situation at this time.  I'm sure while suffering she misses my Dad more.  I'm sure while having difficulty doing the simplest things she is reminded she is alone in her home.  She has experienced so many changes since losing my Dad.  Not only losing her husband, she has had to leave the home they shared all those years, a home full of memories.  I think she is able to see now the memories are with you regardless of your zip code.  Yes she misses her friends, yet at the same time she has made many in her new place.

She has lost her travel partner, driver, friend and husband.  She has had to watch the family her and my Dad created go through some painful changes since he is no longer with us.  It has been tough for all of us, but we as her their children are or should be doing everything to ensure her heart is at it's happiest.  If there is a single thing that can ensure that happiness, I pray it be done by each of us, their children.

Relationships can be difficult, I'm by no means suggesting this time is easy. Situations such as this require changes to be made in one's schedule,  patience will need to be ever present, adjustments will need to be made here and there.  Very glad I have my son's and daughter in-law near by to help out in any way and a husband who is more than willing to keep my Mom safe and cared for.

My hearts desire is to fulfill the promise Bob and I made to my Dad, which is to make sure Mom is always taken care of.  My hearts desire, my prayer is that I asses the heart in this situation, that it all be done in love. It's so important to me that my Dad is proud of how his family is handling life without him, that we are caring for my Mom as promised. For him to look down and see nothing that would sadden or disappoint.

My prayer is for this time to be as stress free as possible, to make each and every moment count, in a time such as this.  This is what echos from my heart today......

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  1. I cannot express to you how I felt as I read this post and your prayer today. It was like I was consenting and agreeing with every single sentence you wrote. My mother now lives in our lower level and from the depths of my heart, I continually pray the prayer on your heart. There are so many life changes when someone you love so much, goes home. Thank you for sharing this. I will remember to say a prayer for you...and it will be heartfelt.

    Your new banner picture is beautiful!