Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to make some more time...

I was in a meeting this afternoon and I was discussing how since I've been unemployed I have trouble (more than usual) remembering days of the week, appointments, regularly schedule things like Thursday night Bible study at my house(prior to the gals arriving) or kids coming over for dinner! I believe this is the result of everyday becoming a Saturday, the kind life you lead when you aren't committed to the routine of a job outside the home.

As a kid it took forever it to be Saturday....now it's how on earth could it be Saturday again?? The mad rush to the market for the dinner guest that are coming tonight!! I thought that was like five days from now, I have plenty of time, not!

Now, I know I'm getting older but I'm wanting to slow things down just a little bit. I'm finding I want to be up earlier and in bed later in order to get my moneys worth out of everyday. I do not want to nap, something most people treasure and take part in regularly. Me.....it's an hour or so of this life of mine and I don't want to sleep through it.

My first thought of what I could do in order to by me some more time...Give away the television. Maybe give it to some young gal in her twenties that thinks she has all the time in the world and can't begin to imagine a date such as 2010 when is only 1985. I mean come on, that is like "in the future", it'll be like the Jetson's then, right? This is the same young gal that has trouble pronouncing cellulite let alone knowing what its like having a personal relationship with it! The same young gal who doesn't need a gym, eye cream, glasses, or something to drink to be "regular".

I think maybe I will add some routine to my life (NEVER thought I'd be saying that) in order to help remember the day of the week, help me to be a better steward of my time, which will help me stay on top of events I have planned for the next week?

I will start my mornings with eye cream, put on my glasses, enjoy some black coffee (plays a part in the "regular" thing ), read my Bible before heading out to the gym to work on that cellulite!

I have so many places I want to see and I now realize that the Jetson's and the year 2020 isn't all that far off. Yep, I'm thinking that twenty year old gal needs a big screen t.v........yep, so she too will one day look at her legs in the mirror and ask herself "how on earth did I survive that hail storm"? Oh, and by the way there is no magic cream or tool that removes those dents like there is for automobiles!

Gotta get busy, time is of the essence....this is what echos from my heart today!


  1. great thoughts to ponder debi!

  2. Ah...time....the one commodity we are given equally...we all get 24 hours a day. It's all about what we choose to spend it on. That's where the rubber meets the road!

  3. debi, that was so well put. I could'nt have said it better myself...all I know is I want more of you....I love you and I love your blogs...WRITE A BOOK...Im praying that God will put your fingers to work on that soon.

  4. I'm with you on this one! As for the TV...it remains...in the other room...where I rarely go. Time is slipping away so quickly...and there's much left to be done.

  5. When you write your book, I will be the first in the line waiting to buy it. I smiled as I read every word, and I could so relate to everything you wrote. Love this post!