Saturday, May 29, 2010

Outdoor Living with a Splash of Special Meaning ....

My Bob and I have been working in the yard for the last month preparing for our outdoor summer ! This year I purchased some new plant material and planted them here and there. Bob transplanted and moved the larger plants for me without complaint as always, as well as setting out three new hummingbird feeders. He is always right on top of feeding all of our plants and lawn....a habit I loved about my Dad. We have a very similar vision for our outdoor space and we really love putting in the time and then sitting back with a nice glass of wine in the early evening as we take in the fruits of our labor. This morning we both did our first morning reading and coffee outside while watching our Grand dog Turkelton prance about as if he were more deer than dog.

This water fountain in the front yard was donated to us by our friends that moved to Colorado as were our Adirondack chairs out back that I painted orange. I love the water fountain, though the sound of water coming in the front door created in me the need to visit the restroom a little to often :-) So, disconnect the water feature and toss in some color!

The train ringer that hangs on the porch entry was my Dad's, wonderful memories of him whenever a train is involved. I have two girlfriends that actually ring it versus the door bell when they stop by, that always generates a smile and my heart overflows with the love I had for my Dad...

I took a photo of our beautiful dove that chose to sit on her egg(s)in our hanging Christmas cactus....we love to watch her, always as still as she can be and watching the father(we assume)come and go as if checking on her and maybe bringing her food? The first sound we hear outside our bedroom window every morning, the coo of the doves.

  Our friends that moved to the state of Washington,  left us our bench that I painted red, the beautiful ferns outside our dinning room as well as a couple plants down our side yard.

The parrots outback, my Dad made and they fit in perfectly with the tropical feel of our 14 palm trees on our property. My father gave a few of his parrots to friends of mine who treasure them because they too understand how special my Father was. One even named her parrot Ray, after my Dad. He would have had a belly laugh over that!

My favorite splash of special meaning is my red water pump. As a child we would camp most every summer at Wade Lake in Montana with several other relatives. Upon arrival I always went to the water pump first thing, the outhouse second :-) I was so fascinated by the fact we would be pumping water out of the ground during our stay, no dripping facets at our campground. I remember walking to the pump to fill a pot or two for the cooks...generally my Dad and my Uncle's were the breakfast cooks. It stirs up memories I can smell. Fried potatoes and onions, bacon, eggs and coffee all being cooked over an open camp fire at the crack of dawn surround by pine trees and family...perfect.

I love being out in my yard pulling weeds, reading a good book, or just watching the humming birds. While doing so I am surround by all the beauty, reminded of the best of friends, reliving the memories made with them. I can flash back to childhood summers with my family all the while taking in the smell of breakfast cooking.

My Father loved his plants and took pride in his yard always, especially the gift he had for growing roses, a gift my sisters and I will carry on because of him. These two red rose bushes he bought and planted for me when I first bought my home. They are the most fragrant roses I've ever smelled, surely because his big hands planted them.

Looking forward to the next several months outdoors taking in the view as my heart fills once again with happy reminders of times gone by, my nose takes in the smells of childhood and my mind the thoughts of days gone by with just some of those I love.  
This is what echos from my heart today........


  1. What great memories in and about your garden! May you have a wonderful summer relaxing in your 'great outdoors'...and remembering those who are so dear to you.

  2. What a beautiful space! I especially love that you have so many meaningful pieces in it. Enjoy!!

  3. First of all, this post was so special! I love reading your posts and the sentimentality and the love with which you share those who mean so much to you. It just leaves my heart feeling happy when I leave here. Thank you for that.

    Secondly, I am so excited to tell you that my husband drew your name out of the crock last night. You are the winner of my ice cream carousel. You...who amazingly lost 9 pounds(of which I am so proud of you for doing), have won this giveaway. But, you don't have to eat the ice cream by yourself. You can have friends in to help you:) I am thrilled to send this to you. Please check out my blog today and also please send me your mail address. My friends at the postal store will package and ship it to you tomorrow. Congratulations!

  4. Debi, everything is so pretty and I love that you have special memories attached to so much of it. Love all of your flowers! I laughed a little when you said the fountain made you have to run to the bathroom...that would happen to me too!