Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello .....December!

Hello, have you heard Adel's new C.D. titled 25? I love it, really love the song Hello.... I highly recommend it, she does have such a gift in that beautiful voice of hers.

December, wasn't sure I was going to make it to blog land. I have a break from 2 of the classes I've been taking so I saw a window, I'm climbing in.

I am loving my classes, it is requiring me to be more disciplined with my time.  I get any study time I can when my little grands go down for their naps...(often that is 3 hours) crazy right?

We hosted a Christmas Brunch for my siblings and their families on the 5th.  Was so great to be with them, really sorry my brother and his family couldn't make it. Those days of always being together, I still miss them.

My Sweet Beans (Khloe)

Ella Roo (Ellery)


My Great nieces Ruby and Minnie with their cousins Khloe and Ellery.

The big deal....she loves this thing!

Sisters Deanna left, Dona on the right.

Sisters and the Grands!

L to R my niece Summer, son Brian, Niece Amanda, and son Mike (clown) with the kiddos.

My sons and my two nieces.. (clown .....always)

We had a lovely day, so fun to watch the little ones play together....the day is always over too soon for me.

Gearing up for more holiday fun and making some new memories!
Hoping you aren't letting the chaos of the world enter in....
It's what echos from my heart today.....


  1. What classes are you taking, Debi? How exciting!

    Your family gathering looks like fun. You and your sisters are so pretty.

  2. Nothing like getting together with family for the holidays, is it?
    I want sparkly mickey ears now :)

  3. Really missed you, Debi. But, goodness, look how much fun you all had.
    The babies are all so adorable.