Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two for Tuesday ~

My daughter in law brought the girls by on Tuesday...
sounds odd saying the girls :-)

Just wanted to share the love with ya'll ......

Our water baby to be sure!
mid air ....just prior to the splash!!
Recycled water, smart girl...

Ellery Grace with the O mouth :-)  
Myself with the little one...
So tired her little arm was just hanging in float tired to respond to the water Pa was drizzling :-) 

Love this photo, she loves being in the spray of the hose.....

Happy, Happy, Happy.
How I spent my Tuesday afternoon is still echoing in my heart today!


  1. LOVE all the photos! What a little doll! I can't believe what good pictures your camera takes. Or maybe it is the photographer...probably both, haha. I have a good camera, but I have yet to learn to use it well. Anyway, these are sure good. I see you live in San Marcos. Is this in San Diego? I should probably know, but it does sound familiar. Hope you had a good day!

  2. Aren't these little girls just too much fun! And, I love the name Ellery, that is just too cute! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  3. You made me happy just looking at these precious, cute pictures!
    Thanks so much for sharing them.
    I feel the joy of having two adorable little girls.

  4. Oh, they are SO precious, Debi!

    Love the pics, and happy you share with us.

    I always say "the girls", but come December it will be
    the girls and baby boy. :)


  5. So sweet! Two girls...the perfect pair.