Monday, July 22, 2013

Ta Da !

It's offical
Khloe has turned two!
Gramma did manage to give her Birthday present to her the night before
she actually turned, a mature two.  
I felt she was ready for her own kitchen.
She immediately put the cupcake in the oven and served it to her Momma
 ....Gramma can't stand waiting to give a gift :-)

Went went over for cake and ice cream!
Pa and I presented her with her first bouquet of flowers, she loves flowers.

Wearing Mr. Potato heads glasses :-)
Now that she's two I'm wondering if the amount of photos I take of her will decrease??


What would the point of that be?
In fact soon, you will be inundated with photos of her new baby sister too!

Thanks for letting me share my Sweet Beans with you all :-)  
I realize it's a lot!

Thankful for the most amazing two year old I know
she's echoing in my heart today and everyday!


  1. What a lil love bug. So very cute. Love the concentration as she is working in the kitchen with her baby doll.

  2. That little two year old is precious. I can hardly believe she's two! Our Rylan will be two in October. They're at such a sweet stage, but then every stage is such a blessing. I hope you continue taking and sharing photo's; I sure enjoy seeing them. Our two girls will be welcoming another sibling in December. Time is going too fast for, Debi. :)

    Love to you!

  3. Debi
    Klhoe is adorable!
    She sounds like a sweet child too.
    Happy B'Day and Blessings Little Angel.

  4. I just had to laugh at two things......her with Mr. Potato Head glasses and the thought of a grandma taking less pictures! Ha!

    She is so precious.....I love that little kitchen, especially with the baby seat!

  5. Sweet pic's of your two-year Khloe. Happy Birthday!

  6. Debi, I never tire seeing pictures of your precious little Khloe. Never! She is just so cute! I love the one of her and the black glasses. You all know how to celebrate special occasions. Happy Birthday Khloe!