Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Walking What?

My youngest son Brian,
Boo, Bubba, Beandog, 
is a film junkie.
Television and  Movies....

Just as when he was young and he could tell you the 
going price on a given baseball trading card, 
he too
can tell you who produced/directed most anything.

When the new shows start advertising for the upcoming season
he previews them and then forwards the trailers
for the ones he deems worthy of giving a shot.
Often determined by the producer.....
'this is the guy that did E.R., this is the same producer of Alias'... you get the idea.

We generally meet for Breakfast on Tuesdays,
it goes something like this.
The latest thing to try and what took place at Trader Joe's  this last week (his employer).
The Dodger talk....why the owner is crazy, who he feels will be the new owners and why.
Laker talk... Kobe's stats on the court of late (dud of opinion), who might be traded and why
what team a player came from etc....
Then we catch up on the shows we both watch,
Fringe, American Idol, Parenthood, Blue Bloods, Alcatraz, Peron of Interest.
He wants to know what I thought of the last episode, tells me where he feels the 
story line is going and then wants to know what I think.

Now, as a Mom I am so thrilled that we purpose to have this time every week.
Just how far am I willing to go when he suggests a show?

He has told me about (brace yourself)
The Walking Dead
(yes that's what I said)
for two seasons now.
He explained how he didn't think he would like it
and how in fact he got "hooked".
I deflected this suggested for the same two seasons.

Then I got the text message.
' The Walking Dead marathon, tape the last two seasons (7 episodes each)
and get caught up.  Season three starting soon'

He provided me with the channel and the times to record both days
of the marathon
ended the text with

Well of course I taped it !
I have no desire to watch dead people walk the streets of Atalanta,
no desire to see them hunt the living as their,
 next meal...

Yesterday he came over, and with a pot of coffee we watched the first four 
episodes of season one.

My thoughts;
For shouldn't eat while watching this show!
I confess to not looking  a couple lots of times.

how incredibly much I love my son :-)
Love him enough to give the dead people a shot.

Will I watch the remaining 10 (yikes) episodes?
I always taught him that when you commit, you see it through.
And I will.
Will I then continue on to season three?
Not likely if I had to answer today :-)

What I will commit to
 is finding those commonalities with my kids and grands.
Funny....he just called, 
I guess were gonna get through a few more episodes today !
Life is good....
if you aren't dead AND hungry ?

This is what echos from my heart today :-)


  1. Love that! It really sends a message to our kids when we are willing to find out what they like and spend time with them doing the things THEY love!

  2. For our children, I guess we'd do anything. But, The Walking Dead, I'm not so sure about. LOL

    Your son sounds like a very smart and talented young man, Debi.


  3. Ha! I love that you're willing to go so far to stay connected with your son, but yikes! Dead and hungry? You're a GOOD, GOOD mom!

  4. How neat to meet, eat and chat together on a regular basis! I'm smiling about the series you are watching on his suggestion. What we don't do for our kids!