Friday, February 4, 2011

Putting it In Capable Hands....

Stress, it can come from simply trying to prepare a dinner without burning something, sitting in traffic to much more complex situations.  Often it comes in some form of insecurity such as, lets say, public speaking....of which I am not  a fan.  In fact, because I'm not a fan is likely why It was suggested that I be the spokesperson/queen of announcements at my church's up coming Women's Retreat... YIKES! A reminder that God has a sense of humor and is willing to use me in a place I don't want to go, a place  that I must rely on Him.  Trust me, I will be doing a lot of relying!

Sometimes our stress turns in to distress, creating major anxiety.  I am a carrier of  this affliction....nothing worse than that horrible feeling of not being able to get deep enough breaths, which when really bad lead to feeling lightheaded. The worst is the feeling that a 100 pound weight is sitting on my chest and my heart starts racing.  The fear that comes with these feelings is very real.

I remember one many nights that I shared a bed with my older sister when my Dad was hospitalized.  On one particular night we had come close to losing him and it was likely the most stress I had ever felt.  I remember having all the symptoms I previously mentioned and I was fearful.  Fearful enough that I wanted her to know my symptoms should I croak right then and there.  I was so relieved once I did, as she replied, oh I have that too, its called (some long a name I can never remember).  It made me relax knowing someone else experienced this, and the good news was that she was still alive!  

The worst part of stress is that while experiencing it, in the midst of it, I'm doubting my faith to a degree. I'm not giving it to God and trusting that, He's got this!  So, I am working on it and it hasn't been a quick or easy process. It takes me focusing on the truth, that it's out of my hands and in very capable ones :-)

A verse I read frequently while my Dad was hospitalized has become my go to verse when I need to get rid of my stress.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame.
This poor man called, and the Lord heard him;
he saved him out of all his troubles.
Psalm 34: 4-6

 It's a reminder to me that God is always here to help me, providing me with refuge and strength which leads me to my peace and security.  He will not fail to rescue those who love him......He, is our refuge and our strength in any and every circumstance.
So, we can be confident in the midst of distress.  We need to trust Him, and allow Him to carry the burdens for us.  His desire is for us, His children to be relieved of worry and stress.  It's so simple for me to understand when I think of myself as a child of God.  What he wants for me is not different from what I want for my own children.

Today I believe I will be giving my, distress, to Him. I just have to believe!  This is what echos from my heart to day..........


  1. I've felt that pounding in my heart and the great anxiety that it brings. I've also felt the deep, unexplainable peace that can also come. I was right there with you as I read this post. I also read the last post and am more convinced than ever, that you are a gifted writer. Inspiring, heartfelt, and thought provoking...thank you for sharing your heart today.

  2. Oh, I know that feeling well of not being able to get a good breath.....I also can't swallow well when that happens. General Anxiety Disorder! That's what they say anyhow. I know the Lord handles everything and I think part of anxiety comes from a physical place....the reason I say that is that I've had horrible anxiety from childhood, and I mean like 4 years old. I didn't know what anxiety was!

    You'll do just fine speaking in public! :)

  3. Yeah, I am that high anxiety kind of girl too. I frequently have to talk to God about it and remind myself to take it one thing and one moment at a time. :) I think that people who don't experience anxiousness that way could not possibly understand. Then on the other hand I'd like to know how they do it... you know the less stressful way? :)

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