Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Step Ahead ....

How is it possible that I will be basting a turkey in just a week and four days?  Think I will make a point to go and buy all I need this week, less the turkey.  I'm thinking it will be one less thing to worry about in preparing for the day and I like the sound of that, a step ahead.

My thoughts naturally jump ahead to Christmas, which I know is going to be here about the time Thanksgiving dishes are done. This year I am fulfilling a desire I have always had, yet has gone unfulfilled, a picture of my family on our Christmas card!  I really wanted to do so when my sons were little but of course that was never an expense I could have justified.  Well, I ordered them, received them and will be addressing envelopes this week.  Those cards will be in the mail December 1st, yes another step ahead !

I have been purchasing a few small gifts throughout the year, and Saturday I purchased a few books that are gifts as well.  This year is going to be very simple in the gift department, as thoughtful as ever just the same.  This is the first Christmas I have looked forward to since losing my Dad. I am determined that this holiday season my focus will not be about who I don't have (Dad) but of who I do have.  I want to spend the time enjoying my family, making our moments together count.  Of course I will think of Dad, as well as  be mindful of the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior in a more powerful way than ever before.  I have grown so much in my spiritual life, which of course is the reason for my happiness returning in regard to the holiday season. All this because I chose to be a step ahead, I'm ready!

My goal is I will be ready for Christmas decorating on or around Dec. 1st, and, done shopping. Yep, a step ahead. My intention is to have my Christmas music filling the house, while I simply enjoy the decorations, anxiously wait for the mail to be delivered daily (the only time of year that happens).  The excitement of opening Christmas cards from the people I love, a little something that tells me I was thought of.

Planning, the actual making of the decision to purpose to be a step ahead, really does bring me a feeling of calm in this crazy fast paced world.  I've been thinking  a lot the last several months of making sure I am ready in my spiritual life as well.  I am mindful that the more I grow in my walk with God, the easier it will be for me to weather any storm that may come my way.  Whatever the world throws at me, I will be ready, prepared, and with the assurance I will survive no matter the size of the mountain that needs climbing. 

While I am mindful not to attempt to get ahead of God, the idea of being a step ahead in the details of life helps me to feel ready for anything, less the anxiety that comes with not being prepared. Now if I could only get to the gym everyday...a step ahead of next summers bathing suit!  This is what echos from my heart today......


  1. A Step Ahead - Living in the present with an eye to the future...may the Lord direct your steps.

  2. A Step head - moving forward while living in the present without negativity being in this being.

    Thanks again for letting me read your blog, as yours in another in Christian Inspirations.

  3. I have had the dream of a family picture for isn't going to happen this year. I will have all the children except for one home for Christmas. And I will have all the grandchildren and I am hoping they will cooperate for a grandchildren picture!

  4. I admire your step ahead post. Here it is, Wednesday evening and I am still a step behind in my Thanksgiving preparations. Of course I am babysitting my one year old twin grandsons and my 2 year old granddaughter today:) Little interruptions in my daily life seem to happen every day.

    I am so happy for you that you will hbae a family picture for your Christmas cards this year. What a treasure!

    I wish you and your family a very special Thanksgiving celebration! The picture of you and your husband in the pumpkin patch, is so good! This post encouraged me. Thank you!